Day 22 - Nau is the Time!

Feeling spontaneous? Get outta town, and head for the mountains to revisit old memories in the quiet while creating your dreams and self-made promises for 2013. Before hitting the road, cruise on over to Nau and purchase 100% sustainable clothing, camping gear or the perfect blanket to snuggle up on.


Day 22 - Made In America

Here is a list of 10 brands who refuse to outsource while still making amazing pieces. God bless America, and it’s designers!

Day 22 - Yelp!

Last minute gift exchange? Not to worry!  Yelp has created a “Nifty under $50” local market, where each item is under $50 dollars and produced by local companies!  BUY LOCAL!

Day 21 - Looks Like We Made It

Well, the world didn’t end - hooray!  However, if it did end, how would you have spent your last day on Earth?


Day 20 - Skate Sustainably

Save gas and time spent in traffic, by snagging one of Abor’s sustainable skateboards and cruise for free! “All of the wood material used in Arbor’s skateboard designs, including the maple plies and veneer deck, come from sustainable sources of supply.” They even go beyond by using the scraps for things like belt buckles and zipper pulls.

Day 19 - Mistletoe

Do you participate in the mistletoe tradition? Check out this fun video and see the responses people give:

Day 18 - This Is Not an App

This Is Not an App, well…is, but it’s not your everyday, run of the mill, App! It’s more of a journal, a sketchpad, a dream catcher or thought recorder. This Is Not an App brings to life Keri Smith’s book This Is Not a Book, loosely guiding you by prompting and inspiring them to do a create any number of things with supplied tools like paint brushes, pencils, erasers, text, camera, etc. The App is currently available for Apple and Android devices for 5 bucks. Could this be the next great time suck?!

Day 17 - Green Mountain Project

This winter season Burton has joined Mountain Dew in creating sustainable snowboarding gear.  Ride for a cause!

Day 16 - Grinches Driven Mad by Christmas Music

We didn’t think it was possible for people to dislike the classic Xmas tunes. Looks like we’ve  been proven wrong!

Day 15 - Rodarte gets us hopped up on caffein, saves us money and the planet!

Community Collection loves collaboration, and with brands working with major retailers, it was only a matter of time before fashion houses started working with out-of-the-ordinary mega brands, like Starbucks. Über designers Rodarte created this pixilated gift set for the 2012 Holiday Season. It’s only available for a limited time, and the best part is you get .10 cents off every cup of coffee, or icey blendy sweet treat when you bring in the reusable mug. Sustainable savings, fashionably.image

Day 14 - Screw Ya Sandy…

Check out Adam Sandler’s Ode to Hurricane Sandy at the 12.12.12 Concert! “Screw Ya Sandy” was the true hit of the night.

Day 10 - Reformation

Reformation, based between NYC and LA, is a sustainable label created by Yael Aflalo. The site offers “eco-set” home accessories, vintage garments and fashions made from vintage fabrics. Originally created in order to avoid the constant waste of materials used in the fashion industry, Aflalo makes each garment locally in NYC out of surplus material making each piece unique. Check it out here:


Day 9 - Holiday Hosting

Celebrate the Holidays with a hint of green! Try the #Sustainable Sangria, or the #Eco-Margarita this weekend. Using organic ingredients, these drink combos, spiked with the now sustainable #MakersMark, will keep both the #Earth and your guests going! 

Day 8 - Save Paper, Use an iPAD

Substitute snuggling up to your favorite book this cold winter season with a new iPad Mini. Help save paper and download all your books and magazines on this season’s newest gadget!